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Market Access Consulting
Patient & Provider Access Services
Financial Impact Analysis & Analytics
Competitive Intelligence
Market   Access   Consulting

At 1798 Consultants we offer commercialization support for companies of all sizes and brands across all therapeutic areas. We develop insights and strategies that are designed for the unique challenges each brand faces, as well as the tactics and tools to ensure rapid product uptake. Our consulting projects encompass market access topics across the biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic product lifecycles.


Our senior team brings a wealth of experience, with several of our senior team staff having ran market access departments for manufacturers in the past and directly managing teams responsible for this function. We understand that each brand is unique and their market access challenges and opportunities are as well. Ensuring the appropriate market access strategy to capitalize on these opportunities and overcome these challenges is critical to a brands success.


Our market access services and support include:

  • Onsite Retained Market Access Services
  • Market Access Roadmaps
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research with Payors, Physicians, and Key Stakeholders
  • Advisory Board and Focus Group Planning, Management and Execution
  • Market Access Landscape Assessments
  • Payor Value Proposition Development & Testing
  • Coverage, Coding and Payment Planning
  • Billing and Coding Content Development and Support
  • Medical/Pharmacy Benefit Design and Reimbursement Assessments
  • Medicare New Technology Add-on Payment (NTAP) Assessments
  • Medicare Part B Policy Influencer Mapping
  • Medicare Part B Policy Tracking
  • 340B Impact and Trend Analysis


Patient   &   Provider   Access   Services   

As the pharmaceutical industry evolves from having a focus on high volume retail-based brands to more specialized biologic products with complex reimbursement and patient and provider support needs, 1798 Consultants is prepared to expertly guide manufacturers on a path to overcome access obstacles that may prevent brands from realizing their true potential.


As provider economic stability has eroded, HCPs are more reluctant to assume risk for non-payment, delayed payment, or underpayment. Moreover, HCPs are often reluctant to embrace therapies where there is a perception of a heavy burden to meet the prior authorization requirement of a commercial payor, or there is a perception of a high probability of denial or underpayment by a Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) or a commercial plan. From the patient perspective, understanding specific benefits for a brand, as well as overcoming any affordability challenges is critical to ensuring patient access.  


Each brand has a unique patient population, method of distribution, and individualized patient and provider access needs based on their market and therapeutic class. Our team has extensive experience both on the manufacturer and vendor sides in crafting and designing HUB services, copay programs, patient assistance programs (PAP), adherence services, and patient and provider engagement programs.


Prior patient and provider access services engagements include:

  • Patient and Provider Services Strategy Development
  • HUB Service GAP Assessment
  • HUB Services In-House and Vendor Support Model Evaluation
  • HUB Services Staffing Assessment and Optimization
  • Call Center Design and Vendor Evaluation
  • Patient and Provider Services Benchmarking
  • Copay, PAP and HUB Vendor Service Audits
  • RFP Management and Vendor Evaluation
  • CRM and Adherence Program Development
  • Copay and Patient Assistance Program Financial Modeling and Design
  • Channel Strategy Development, Implementation, and Design
Financial   Impact   Analysis   &   Analytics

Establishing a sound strategic platform from which to develop appropriate launch price points for a brand will have material implications for product access and long-term net revenue attainment. Understanding how the Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC), net cost to payors, and the availability or lack of availability of rebate agreements, impacts payor perspectives on both formulary adoption and the quality of formulary adoption by payor type will drive informed decision making on competitive pricing that optimizes both patient access and net revenues.  Furthermore, understanding how physicians will view product value as a function of both clinical benefit and cost, will ensure that pricing decisions and associated forecast projections are fully sensitized to the market access dynamics that a brand will face.


Achieving optimal product access within 6 - 9 months from launch is critical to sustain a positive launch trajectory against forecast.  Payors are likely to weigh the benefit of a brand against the cost of the current competitive market basket as well as future therapeutic options, while relating to overall clinical value. Clinical value often varies by therapeutic category, level of unmet need, and budget impact within a particular therapeutic category. Depending on a plan's benefit design, different control mechanisms may be employed to limit cost exposure.


1798 Consultants partners with manufacturers to develop data-driven analytical tools for launch brands or currently marketed products to optimize their long-term net-revenue attainment. Our team is adept in developing pricing and contracting strategies and relaying how those strategies will impact payor coverage considerations, provider reimbursement, and patient out-of-pocket costs across various sites of care.


Prior Financial Impact Analysis & Analytics projects include:

  • Pricing Study Development and Delivery
  • Validation of Forecasting and gross-to-net (GTN) Assumptions
  • Pricing and Contracting Strategic Planning
  • Payor Contract Assessment
  • Finance Automation Initiative
  • Provider Cost Recovery Analysis
  • Financial Modeling for Patient Access Programs
  • Pharmacy Benefit Contract Analysis Tool
  • Financial Planning Calculators

1798 Consultants develops and delivers customized training programs that are unique to our client's requirements. Our training programs have been and can be targeted to C-suite, company executives, field reimbursement teams, managed markets and account management teams, company trainers, and field sales representatives. 1798 Consultants integrates compliance, reimbursement, and commercialization expertise through our diverse and strategically designed project teams. Our goal is to maximize your team's understanding of diverse market access topics while keeping existing regulations and guidelines at the forefront.


Each training program has a unique design as requested by the manufacturer. Our goal is to design training programs that help make the content understandable, retrievable, and memorable. Training programs can be presented onsite in person, via WebEx, or using technology-based platforms delivered in module format.


Prior Market Access Training engagements include:


Annual Market Access Landscape Assessment Training- As a precursor to the brand planning season, the 1798 Consultants team will develop an overview of the market events, pricing, coverage, and payor management trends applicable to a manufacturer's specific therapeutic classes to provide a uniform high-level understanding of the market dynamics that may impact their brands in the future


Buy-and-Bill 101 Training- An introduction to the foundational concepts of coverage, coding and reimbursement for sales teams, account management teams, executive teams, or internal teams responsible for the market access strategy development


Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) Training- This training has been focused on the Sales and Account Management teams within pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide an overview of how IDN's work from their decision-making process to physician incentives and product formulary adoption


New Hire Market Access Training- Whether launching a new brand and hiring a new team or expanding a current team, the 1798 Consultants team has developed new hire training curriculums, training content, and delivered training to sales teams, reimbursement hotline teams, account management teams, field reimbursement teams, and pricing and contracting teams to ensure that they have the foundational market access knowledge needed to effectively support company brands and services

Competitive   Intelligence

Competitive intelligence has been defined to be the identification, collection, analysis, and distribution of intelligence about products, customers, competitors and any aspect of the environment needed to make strategic decisions for an organization.
1798 Consultants delivers competitive advantage to our clients through cross-functional insight and ethical application of the insights and intelligence gathered across our myriad engagements.  Our customized competitive intelligence offerings are designed with client needs in mind to deliver actionable insights and deliverables that facilitate informed decision-making.
Competitive intelligence engagements include:

  • Environmental Scan - Informed by primary and secondary research, emphasis is placed on regulatory forces, global markets, direct competitors, payors, and disruptive technologies to anticipate issues for proactive management and decision making
  • Pipeline Analysis - Review of potential competitors by modality, target, or therapeutic area identifies both opportunities and threats which then may inform diverse business needs such as clinical trials, publication schedules, or launch plans
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