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1798 Consultants is a strategic healthcare advisory firm, named after the year in which our modern system of health insurance was first created.  In July 1798, the Fifth U.S. Congress passed an act which created the nation's first system of health insurance through what was called the Marine Hospital Service.  Over time, the regulatory body established through this law became what is now the Department of Health and Human Services, the governing agency overseeing the healthcare system of today.  Commercialization success requires knowledge of the environment and marketplace in which you are to enter, and how it has evolved over time; 1798 Consultants' expertise goes back to the foundation of our system of third party payment. 

1798 Consultants specializes in commercialization support for companies of all sizes and products across the brand lifecycle.  We develop effective strategies and tactics that are customized to each product and specific market dynamics.  Our deliverables are ready for immediate impact and execution while being flexible enough to meet the needs of each individual client engagement. 



Our mission is to provide our clients with insightful and immediately actionable deliverables that exceed their expectations.

Our metric for success is client satisfaction that leads to client retention.  Long term partnerships lead to increased synergies and additional value creation.  We recognize that our success is a direct result of your success.

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Our comprehensive approach, leveraging our extensive industry experience and expertise, allows us to work with our clients to develop unique commercially-focused insights that result in the most impactful strategies and tactics possible.

Project Team
Our approach begins with a dedicated project team composed of experts with the appropriate experiences necessary for the team to deliver the kinds of cross-functional insights that result in commercially impactful strategies and tactics.

Partnership Mentality
We recognize that our success is directly related to that of our clients. This approach is exemplified by our focus on developing the most impactful, yet cost-effective solutions, for our clients. We only partner with clients when we know that we can exceed their expectations. Our ability to do so has resulted in 90% of our clients requesting additional work beyond the initial project.

Deliverables that Resonate
We develop presentations and analyses that are geared for the intended audience. Our work is prepared so that it is ready for immediate strategic or tactical execution, as dictated by the client.

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1798 Consultants provides a breadth of healthcare consulting services to biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies.  From developing strategies for early stage research and development (R&D), to overcoming challenges that occur post launch in the commercialization process, our customized approach is designed to deliver actionable insights to our clients, large or small.

1798 Consultants works with a diverse group of industry partners beyond manufacturers.  Our clients include organizations such as: specialty pharmacies, reimbursement hotline vendors, patient assistance program administrators, non-profit and manufacturer foundations, and other vendors that service the biopharmaceutical industry.  Additionally, we have extensive experience working with clients from the investment side of life science including: venture capital firms, angel investors, and other organizations focused on understanding and developing the value and potential in the healthcare industry.


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